Department of Marketing and Operations Management: a new department at the forefront of developments.

The Department of Marketing and Operations Management is one of the most recent Departments of the University of Macedonia. It was established in the summer of 2004 (Government’s Gazette Issue 138/22.7.2004) and its first year of operation was the academic year 2004-2005. The mission of the Department is the creation of executives, specialized in Marketing and Operation Management that will be able to pursue high-powered careers in businesses and organizations of the public and private sectors. The Department is based in the city of Edessa where all classes are held.

The aim of the Department according to the founding charter is to promote knowledge in the domains of marketing, sales, distribution network management, imports, advertising, market research, production management, logistics, design and analysis of procedures, quality management, demand forecasts, production programming and stocks management. Also to provide students with the expertise that is essential for a promising scientific and professional career. Finally, it aims at the creation of a postgraduate programme that will lead to the higher specialization of graduates on the scientific domains of the Department. 

Finally, it should be mentioned that the new Department is financed by the 3rd Community Support Framework, through the implementation of the actions of the Operational Programme “Education and Initial Vocational Training II, “Expansion of Higher Education (2004-2006)” and  “Equipment for the Support of the Actions of the European Social Fund (E.S.F.):  New Departments - Expansion of Higher Education, Phase 3 (2004-2006). The aforementioned actions have contributed significantly to the efficient organization of the new Department, both on the level of administration and teaching, as well as on the level of infrastructure, equipment and facilities (library, laboratory, auxiliary facilities).