Department of International and European Studies
School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Program of studies

The official teaching language is Greek.
For courses taught in English, please visit the following link:

INT-General program of studies
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[Semester 5
INT-International and European Economic Studies
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INT-Political science and Diplomacy
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The mission of the department is the study and the instruction of these subject areas as well as the preparation of well-grounded executives for the coverage of specialized needs of this country particularly in the staffing of European Community/Union services.
The degree it offers is uniform. It has two directions:
a) Direction of International and European Economic Studies
b) Direction of Political Studies and Diplomacy

The program of studies of the first two years is the same for all students who are admitted in the department. In other words, all students enroll in the same courses for the first two years. In the beginning of the third year every student states in writing which of the two directions he chooses to follow for the following two years in the department registrar.
Both directions offer the same number of courses and are equally supported and promoted.