Department of Accounting and Finance
School of Business Administration

Program of studies

The official teaching language is Greek.
For courses taught in English, please visit the following link:

FIN-General program of studies
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FIN-Accounting and Tax Consulting
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[Semester 5] [Semester 6] [Semester 7] [Semester 8

The programme of studies and the organisation of lectures are continually in review in order to catch up with the changes and demands of science, of the economy and the society.
The programme of studies is developed in 8 semesters.
The courses are organized in six-months terms, (autumn and spring semesters).
Eight semesters are required for the graduation.
The subjects are compulsory and elective.
Every student should attend during his/her studies 52 subjects in total (42 compulsory including the foreign language course and 10 electives).