Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies
School of Economic and Regional Studies

Program of studies

The official teaching language is Greek.
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The student can enroll in the department for at least 8 semesters in order to be able to obtain a degree.
He/she has to get a passing grade in the 54 required courses of the 8 semesters of the curriculum-acquiring a total of 216 credits.
The curriculum is comprised by the first cycle of studies (first, second, third and fourth semesters) and the second cycle of studies (fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth semesters.)
In the first cycle of studies the students build up a solid background of basic knowledge at an interdisciplinary level.
In the second cycle of studies the professional training of the students is reinforced through the choice of: a. specialization b. field of study.

The three areas of specialization offered are the Balkan, the Slavic and the Oriental.

The fields of study are two: a. economic studies which include economics and law courses and b. social studies which include sociology, history, culture and political science courses.

The choice of areas of specialization and field of study is specified through the departmental curriculum and can not extend over the fifth semester of studies. The students choose one of the above through a declaration submitted to the Department's Secretarial Office or the General Assembly of the Department decides on the above for those students who do not submit a declaration.

The intensive language courses are a main characteristic of the curriculum. The students choose the Russian or Turkish language-which they are taught during the four years of studies and a second Balkan, Slavic or Oriental language which they are taught during their last two years.