Department of Business Administration
School of Business Administration

Program of studies

The official teaching language is Greek.
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The curriculum is designed appropriately to meet the rapidly evolving and changing needs of modern organizations and businesses, while at the same time it is placing the necessary emphasis on the traditional principles of Higher Education.

    The curriculum covers: theory, problems, case studies of business administration and organizational development, introduction to the methods and techniques of effective management decision making, guidance in efficient management of human resources, and awareness of the social dimension of administrative problems.

     The Business Administration department places great emphasis on its applied research as well as on its pure investigative research and the two branches nourish one another.
Because of this our department collaborates extensively with industry, commerce and the public sector both in its research activities and in its advanced courses.
Many of our courses are developed in response to the specific needs of industry, and are constantly refined to absorb the very latest developments and trends.
According to the new curriculum adopted in 1994, the degree of the Department of Business Administration is awarded to the student after the successful completion of eight semesters of study.
The courses are categorised either as compulsory or as electives.
Students are required to attend 51 courses during their studies, 40 of which are compulsory, including foreign languages.