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The official teaching language is Greek.
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The academic year is divided into two semesters: the autumn and the spring semesters. A total of eight semesters is needed to obtain a degree in Economics.

    The curriculum consists of two cycles. The first cycle contains courses tought in the first four semesters, while the second those of the last four semesters. Core courses in economics including those aiming to familiarize students with methods of quantitative analysis are taught in the first cycle. The second cycle addresses the more specialized fields of economics. The courses taught are classified as either compulsory or electives. Each student has to complete successfully a total of 42 courses, 31 of which are compulsory. Foreign languages courses are not included in this enumeration.

    The ratio of required to compulsory elective courses differs in the two study cycles. In the first cycle the ratio is higher in favour of the required courses, while the opposite is true for the second cycle. This is done to give the students the opportunity to attend as many courses on their special interests as possible in the later semesters. In the first cycle students can select one elective course every semester. In the second cycle the elective courses are separated into 2 groups, A and B. To complete the 4 semesters of the second cycle, the students are required to select a total of 7 courses of which at least 5 must belong to group A. 

   A recent improvement to the programme is the introduction of seminars. In a seminar a student is required to present a written project, which deals with a subject that was taught in previous semesters. In order for the student to successfully complete a project, he/she has to attend the class and pass any examination given in the courses. The projects are presented to the class, and to whomever is interested. The projects can only be submitted during a compulsory course of the second cycle, or during an elective course of group A. The seminars are considered as credited courses and are therefore graded. The department encourages students to take at least two such seminar courses. Foreign bibliography is important and often is required for the successful completion of the project. For this reason the teaching of the English language is extended up to the sixth semester.