International Relations

Bilateral Partnerships - Memberships with other Universities
The University of Macedonia is a relatively new but very dynamic institution, which has already made its presence felt in Greece, the Balkans and the rest of Europe. A strong research activity has been evident through numerous international agreements with organizations related to higher education, cooperation with several universities on a bilateral basis (listed alphabetically: Universities in Albania, Bulgaria, France, Yugoslavia, USA, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, Russian Federation), participation in programs funded by the EU.

Participation in EU programs and International Exhibitions
The University participates in many exchange and research programs either as a coordinator or as a member. Specifically, it participates in the Erasmus-ECTS, programs Alfa, ADAPT, Leonardo, Tempus, Med-Campus, Continuing Education Program and the Jean Monnet as well. Additionally, every year members of the various academic Departments as well as the administrative offices take part in the biggest educational exhibitions and fairs.

Active Bilateral Agreements with foreign partner Institutions:
At the moment, the UOM has many active bilateral agreements with foreign partner institutions worldwide such as:

Birmingham City University, United Kingdom
Vilnius Business Law Academy, Lithuania
Universite de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), France
Universitatea "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu, Romania
Universite De Nantes, Faculte des Lettres, France
National University or Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Birmingham City University, UK
National Chiayi University, Taiwan
University Tomsk State, Tomsk, Russia

Participation in International Organizations
The UOM is a member of the following international organizations:

EUA (European University Association): Joint association consisting of CRE (Association of European Universities) and the Confederation of European Rectors Councils.
IAU (International Universities Association).
CUM (Community of Mediterranean Universities).
EUCEN (European Universities -Continuing Education Network).
THENUCE (European Thematic Network in University Continuing Education).
ASECU (Association of Southeastern Economic Universities)
EUPRIO (European Universities Public Relations & Information Officers).
IAUP (International Association of Universities Presidents).
AIMOS Network
BSUN (Black Sea Universities Network).

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