University Today

The University of Macedonia of Economic and Social Sciences, established by Government decree No 147 of April 10 1990, has a history as an institution. It was at first formed under the name of "The Graduate School of Industrial Studies of Thessaloniki" in 1948, but it first functioned during the academic year 1957-58. In 1958 it was renamed "Graduate Industrial School of Thessaloniki" and from 1971/72 it was divided into two Departments: Department of Economics and Department of Business Administration.

University Slides At the present time the University of Macedonia has five departments:
  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Business Administration
  3. Department of International and European Economic and Political Studies
  4. Department of Accounting and Finance
  5. Department of Applied Informatics

Each of these Departments offers a bachelor degree (in Greek ptychion). Recently, according to the presidential decree 267/93, the Department of Educational & Social Studies was established and accepted students for the first time in automne 1997. Finally two more departments were also established :
Department of Balkan, Slavonic & Oriental Studies
Department of Music Science & Art and accepted their first students in automn 1998.

There are three interdepartmental postgraduate programmes according to senate decision (number 9/18-6/94).

Master in Applied Informatics, is the most recent postgraduate program.

The academic staff of the University includes Faculty members, specialists, teaching and research assistants and foreign language teachers. The position of a Faculty member requires a Ph.D. degree (or an equivalent) and original published research. New Faculty members are elected on the basis of their academic qualifications by Faculty members of the same or higher rank. Faculty members are aided in their tasks by research and teaching assistants who are, in some cases, holders of a Master's degree and continue their doctoral studies.