Brief history

The Graduate School of Industrial Studies was established in 1948 by decree No 800/1948 under the surveillance of the Ministry of Education. In 1958 it was renamed to "Graduate School of Industrial Studies in Thessaloniki and became equivalent with all the other Universities in Greece. During that period, the curriculum changed from a three-year program to a four-year program. From the Academic year 1971/1972 the Graduate School of Industrial Studies had two departments the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administration. In 1990 the Graduate School of Industrial Studies in Thessaloniki was renamed to University of Macedonia Economic and Social Sciences and at the same time three new departments were established which were:

Recently, according to the presidential decree 267/93, the department of Educational and Social Policy was established.

    In addition to the above the University of Macedonia established three interdepartmental postgraduate programs according to senate decision (number 9/18-6/94):

   In 1996 two departments were established: Department of Balkan, Slavonic and Oriental Studies and the Department of Music Science and Art, which enrolled studies during the academic year 1998-1999. Finally in 2004 two more departments were established: the Department of Marketing and Operations Management (its campus is located in the city of Edessa) and the Department of Technology Management (its campus is located in the city of Naousa).

   The University of Macedonia is located in Thessaloniki, 156 Egnatia Street. It is housed in a group of buildings with a total area of approximately 40.000 square meters, consisting of amphitheaters, teaching and seminar rooms, offices and the areas of the administration sections, a restaurant, which operates during the whole academic year, a gymnasium and a book-store; also a child-care station will soon be operating. There are also two guestrooms where 4-8 persons (mostly official visitors) can be accommodated. The University has recently added a main auditorium that will become one of the most contemporary Conference Centers with International standards and will also host important cultural events of the city.