University Governing Bodies
The University of Macedonia is a State University under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. The decision making bodies are:

(i) the Senate, which is a representative body consisting of the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and representatives of the faculty of all Departments. There are also representatives of the Students Union and of the administration staff, 
(ii) the Rector's Council and 
(iii) the Rector.

    Decisions on the academic affairs of each Department are taken by the respective Faculty assembly. There is also student participation in issues of their concern.

Governing Bodies of the Department
The governing bodies of the Department are the General Assembly, the Head of Department and the Deputy Head of Department. The General Assembly of the Department is composed of the entire Teaching and Research Staff (T.R.S.) of the Department, student representation and representation of the assistants and post graduate fellows. The General Assembly is qualified to deal with matters such as the Curriculum, allocation of teaching duties and election of new staff. The Head of Department ensures the proper operation of the department, acts as the representative of the Department and prepares the agenda of the General Assembly. The Head is elected by the General Assembly of the Department every two years.

    Other services of the University:

Rector's Office
ΤEL: 891.244
FAX: 844.536
Post Office Goods and Supplies
TEL: 891-232
Senate Office
ΤEL: 891.246
ΤEL: 844.825
FAX: 844.536
Financial Services
TEL: 891.231, 891.235
FAX: 844.536
Public Relations
ΤEL: 891-245, 891-295
Personell Office
TEL: 891.238, 891.239
Legal Advice
TEL: 891.249
Student Affairs
TEL: 857.193, 891.215
Technical Support