Welcome note of the Rector

The University of Macedonia. In the foreground of a changing world

stelios-katranidis-rector In a rapidly changing world, the University of Macedonia (UOM) ought to be in the foreground of innovation, extroversion and excellence relying on terms of social sensitivity and inclusion. Heading for its seventh decade of operation, the University of Macedonia is currently developing into an extrovert, innovative and bold academic institution placing teaching and research as its highest priorities rooted on solid and transparent qualification criteria. At the same time it is a well organized, functional, clean and student-friendly institution, defining its own identity, which is acknowledged by both the local and the wider Greek society.

The University of Macedonia interacts both with society and the international academic community in order to adapt to the new era relying on the core values of open dialogue, cooperation, equal opportunities and extroversion. We are convinced that no progress is worth making, if it cannot be shared with the wider society.

UOM's extroversion is achieved through close cooperation with local institutions, first and foremost with the Municipal Authority and the Region and mutual engagement in activities aiming to promote Thessaloniki into a metropolitan center within the Balkan area. In this direction, our University will contribute by enhancing its participation in international academic events, attracting foreign scholars and students through its academic programs, increasing development of research collaborations, organizing scientific conferences and enhancing the promotion of international and cultural exchanges. In addition, extroversion is also reflected in the close cooperation with the economic and productive institutions of the city, the exchange of views and by shaping a common framework in which the university, the economic community as well as society maintain a constant relationship of information and interaction.

Our goal is to place the University of Macedonia among the pioneering academic institutions of the new rising era. My colleagues vice rectors and me are committed to providing every possible effort towards this direction and in view of the enormous potential of our University, students, teaching and management staff, we are confident of our common success.

The Rector of the University of Macedonia
Professor Stelios D. Katranidis