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Piano Works

Piano Works: CD of Professor Uwe Matschkes' recording on the occasion of the celebration of 100 years since the liberation of Thessaloniki.

uwe_matschke_piano_works_cover.jpg    As part of the celebrations for the completion of 100 years from the liberation of Thessaloniki, the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia has issued a CD containing works for piano by J.S. Bach, F. Liszt and K. Tsougras.
   The University of Macedonia, with its daring creation of a Department of Music Science and Art and its inauguration during the academic year 1998-1999, enhanced the range of academic curricula of Tertiary Education and has introduced new traditional style programs in applied musical studies.
   The production of this CD is the result of an exemplary contribution and collaboration between artists from two of our city's universities: The eminent pianist Uwe Matschke, Professor in the Department of Music Science and Art at the University of Macedonia, performed the above works and edited the CD. The music presented includes a piece of work by the local composer Kostas Tsougras - currently an Assistant Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). The CD?s cover was designed by Vangelis Dimitreas, a painter and former Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the AUTH, while the CD's digital recording, remixing and editing was done at the Laboratory of Electro Acoustics and Musical Technology of AUTH.
   At the present time, the two Universities of Thessaloniki, contribute greatly -through their teaching and research in the fields of art as well as through their significant artistic output - to the city's cultural climate, placing Thessaloniki in a prominent position, not only in respect of the cultural life of Greece but also in relation to the wider region of the Balkans.
   In expressing my certainty that the present CD, a characteristic sample of modern artistic creation, contributes decisively to promoting the Department of Music Science and Art at the University of Macedonia as an educational unit with dynamism and potential for generating culture, I would like to congratulate all those who have contributed to this work and to express my strong wish that this kind of fertile cooperation between Thessaloniki's University communities could become a cultural milestone.

Dr. Yannis Hajidimitriou
Professor, Department of Business Administration

CD Review: N.Dontas - (in Greek)