Postgraduate studies

Interdepartmental / Interdisciplinary

  • Master in Business Administration (ΜBA)
    General MBA
    1) Human Resource Management
    2) Marketing
    3) Financial Management
    4) Management of Hospitality Enterprises
    5) Management and Finance of Healthcare Organizations
    6) Management of Educational Institutions
    7) Management of Sports Enterprises and Organizations
    The MBA program provides specialized graduate-level knowledge to university graduates in the subject of Business Administration. It contributes to the promotion of knowledge on the subject of modern scientific management. It prepares specialists capable of promoting the development of private and public enterprises and organizations and actively involved in research in business administration.
  • Master in Economics
    1) Economic Theory and Policy,
    2) Applied Economics and Finance
    The aim of the course is to provide high level postgraduate studies in Economics. The program goals are to provide solid background for pursuing doctoral studies, to develop applied skills for a successful entry into the market and to promote research activities.
  • Master in Information Systems (MIS)
    The program focuses on the applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to Economy, Society, Education, Business Administration, Finance and Accounting and on the advancement of academic research in the related fields, providing valuable skills for professional and academic development both in public and in private sector.
  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Security
    The objective of the program is to provide specific post-graduate level knowledge in International Relations, International Security, International Organizations and every other subject relevant to the educational fields of the Supreme Joint War College. The program is attended only by the students of Supreme Joint War College (SJWC).


    Department of Business Administration

    • Master in International Business (MIB)
      It is a three semester Master Program that aims at providing academic knowledge and practical expertise in the area of International Business Management. Graduates are expected to be able to manage successfully internationally oriented businesses by applying policies and practices designed for the demanding international environment.
    • Master in Public Management (MPM)
      It is a three semester Master Program that aims at providing academic knowledge and expertise in Managing Public Organizations. Graduates are expected to be able to apply successfully managing policies and practices to the benefit of the Organizations at top or medium management level.
    • Master in Health Care Management (MHM)
      It is a three semester graduate degree that aims at promoting the development of management competencies by combining academic knowledge and practical skills necessary to lead health care organizations at a ministerial, regional, hospital and primary care level.
    • Master in Tourism Management (MTM)
      The aim of the MTM (Master of Tourism Management) program is: (a) to operate professionally in the field of tourism business (such as hotels, travel agencies, and catering companies) or organizations (such as DMO's, convention bureaus, local tourist authorities), (b) to promote the development of research and practical applications of the respective areas.
    • Master in Business Analytics and Data Science (MBADS)
      This is a three semester Masters Program that aims at providing the knowledge and practical expertise to perform in-depth analysis of the various forms and large volumes of data that organizations possess today. These skills are developed based on concepts and methodologies from the fields of Statistics, Operations Research and Data Management.
    • Master in Taxation and Financial Management of Strategic Decisions

    Department of Accounting and Finance



    Department of Applied Informatics

    • Master ofScience in Applied Informatics
      1. Computer Science and Technology
      2. Business Computing
      The Graduate Program of the Department of Applied Informatics offers high quality graduate level education in Informatics and equips its graduates with a strong background, experience and know-how for the adoption of best practices in applying computing knowledge to meeting society's needs in economics, management and education.



    Department of International and European Studies

    • Master's Degree in International Studies
      1.European Studies and Diplomacy
      2. Strategic Studies and International Politics
      The Program offers students a specialized education in International Studies in order to enhance their understanding of the subject and prepare them for work or further studies in areas where knowledge of the structure and functioning of the international system is a crucial prerequisite. The program offers two specializations and lasts three semesters.
    • Master's Degree in European Policies on Youth, Education and Culture
      The Master's Degree in European Policies on Youth, Education and Culture Program is primarily intended to provide graduate level education so that graduates gain a strong scientific background in designing and managing the European Union's policies on youth, education and culture, as well as serious academic and professional prospects.
    • Master's Degree in European Integration and Governance
      MSc in European Integration and Governance provides graduates with strong scientific background across a wide range of EU policies and concepts in order to gain a thorough understanding of the process of European integration in both its economic and political dimensions and of designing, managing and implementing EU policies.
    • Master's Degree in International Public Administration

      Εntirely in English

      The aim of this course is to provide students, employees in the public and private sector, as well as people considering a career change, with an education that will prepare them for employment in International Organizations, the Diplomatic Service or in positions where knowledge of the International System and its functions is important.
    • Master's Degree in European Studies on International Services and Transactions
      1) International Trade
      2) European Financial Institutions
      This program offers students a specialized education in International Services and Transactions inside the European Union to enhance their understanding of the subject and prepare them for work or further studies in areas where knowledge of such issues is a crucial prerequisite. There are two specializations from which the students can choose.

    Department of Educational and Social Policy

    • Post Graduate Degree in Lifelong Learning and Special Education
      1. Master of Arts inLifelong Learning
      2. Master of Arts in Special Education
      The Post Graduate Program contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge and research in the fields of Lifelong Learning and Special Education. Its graduates master high expertise and specialized knowledge, valuable for research and professional reasons in the domains of formal and non-formal education.
    • Master of Science in Special Education and Rehabilitation
      1. Visual Impairments,
      2. Mild Educational Needs,
      3. Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities
      Investigation, development, adaptation and dissemination of modern approaches to special education, support, and rehabilitation of people with disabilities and / or special educational needs.
    • Master of Science (MSc) in Sciences of Education and Lifelong Learning
      1. Educational Management and Leadership
      2. ICT in Education
      The Post Graduate Program focuses on modern educational approaches in regard to a) educational management and leadership and b) the use of ICT in education. Its graduates master high expertise and specialized knowledge in the domains of educational organization and administration and reclaim new technologies for educational needs and purposes.
    • Master of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences
      Τhe program's scope is to provide expertise training in research and clinical practice in the field of communication disorders (speech-language therapy). The components of the training include diagnosis and assessment of children and adults with communication disorders, preventive care and intervention in individual, medical and educational settings.
    • Master of Science in Neuroscience and Education
      The primary emphasis of this interdisciplinary program is on understanding the neurobiological foundations of behavior and cognition, with special reference to education; the curriculum ranges broadly over diverse areas of neuroscience, using levels of analysis from molecules and cells to the integrative action of the nervous system.

    Department of Music Science and Art

    • Master in Musical Arts
      The primary objective of this Master program is to ensure scientific competence and artistic realization of students; to promote their specialization and to cultivate high-level skills and knowledge in the field of musical art treated in the Department; to forward research and to promote the Greek musical creation.
    • Master in Music and Society
      1. Music Education
      2. Music-therapy
      The main objects of the Masters Program are: a) teaching of music in a variety of formal, non-formal and informal pedagogical contexts; b) music therapy as a main or complementary therapeutic intervention for people with disabilities, special population groups, socially marginalized groups, and improving their quality of life.



    Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies

    • Master's Degree in Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

      Εntirely in English

      The Program aims at offering a comprehensive and in depth analysis of both political and economic developments in the region of Eastern and South Eastern Europe, emphasising the interrelation between the two, and setting their institutional and social context. It welcomes students from all over the world as all courses are taught in English.
    • Master's Degree in History, Anthropology and Culture in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
      It examines the long-term historical changes in order to increase knowledge on distant neighbours of Greece concerning their institutions and social organization, but above all on activities, memories and experiences of people in everyday life. It provides specialization in the area studies from the perspective of History, Anthropology and the studies of Culture.


    Interdepartmental / Interdisciplinary postgraduate studies in partnership with other Universities

    • Master of Science "Law and Economics"
      Participating Universities:
      University of Macedonia: Department of Economics (coordinating department)
      Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Department of Law
      1. Law and Economics in Business
      2. Law and Economics in Government Policy
      3. General Law and Economics
      The aim of the course is to provide postgraduate students with specialized knowledge combining the scientific areas of Law and Economics. The program goals are the complete preparation of the graduates for a successful career as long as the promotion research on the combination of the two sciences, which may lead to doctoral studies.
    • Master of Science "Law and Informatics"
      Participating Universities:
      University of Macedonia: Department of Applied Informatics (coordinating department)
      Democritus University of Thrace: Department of Law
      This unique Greek Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Law and Informatics focuses on the research a) of the legal framework governing Informatics and its applications and b) of Informatics as a tool for the legal research and practice. Due to the fact that Informatics has penetrated into all aspects of modern life, this Program offers a highly valued academic and professional specialization.
    • Master of Science in Advanced Computer and Communication Systems
      Participating Universities:
      Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Departments of 1)Electrical and Computer Engineering (coordinating department) 2) Medicine 3)Musical Studies and 5) Journalism and Mass Media
      University of Macedonia: Department of Accounting and Finance

      1. Network Computing and e-Commerce
      2. Intelligent Systems
      3. Information and Communication Technologies Application in the Mass Media.

      The program offers specialized knowledge on the use and development of advanced applications of the information and communication technologies. It also seeks to reinforce the interdisciplinary research, the undertaking innovative projects of applied research with the purpose of developing the respective manufacturing facilities.
    • Master of Science in System Engineering and Management (SEM)
      Participating Universities:
      Democritus University of Thrace: Departments of 1)Civil Engineering (coordinating department) and 2) Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering
      University of Macedonia: Department of Business Administration

      1. Information and Communication Systems Management
      2. Construction, Infrastructure and Transportation Management
      3. Energy, Industrial and Environmental Systems Management
      The postgraduate program "System Engineering and Management (SEM)" aims to encourage the participants to face the complicated and difficult problems of today and tomorrow and the needs in the production process.
    • Master of Science in Didactics of Mathematics
      Participating Universities:
      University of Western Macedonia: Department of Primary Education (coordinating department)
      University of Macedonia: Department of Educational and Social Policy
      Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: School of Early Childhood
      Democritus University of Thrace: Department of Primary Level Education

      1. Mathematics Education 1st Age Cycle (5-12 years)
      2. Mathematics Education 2nd Age Cycle (13-18 years)
      This program aims to train researchers in the field of Humanities and Sciences of Education with specialization in the Mathematics Education. Graduates will have acquired the theoretical and empirical background and skills in various professional and research fields related to mathematics education and extracurricular education and socialization outbreaks.