Women Power Code Final Conference

Women Power Code Final Conference
The WOMEN POWER CODE project aims to celebrate the art of creating with code, motivating young and adult women to start developing tech skills, as well as connecting individuals, organisations and companies who are willing to support more women to thrive in today’s digital society.
To celebrate the their achievements, partners from across Europe are organising the final conference to discuss the results of the project. The online event will focus on the opportunities existing in the tech market for women who want to enter or shift to digital careers and what are the most relevant skills for the digital age.
On the agenda:
  • Overview the Women Power Code project - Ms Loredana Bucseneanu, Development Director, Digital Leadership Institute
  • Code powers women - Ms Cheryl Miller, Executive Director of the Digital Leadership Institute
  • Future of adult education - Mr Gianluca Coppola, Founder and President of the European Digital Learning Network
  • Skills and opportunities in the tech market - McKinsey Digital (TBC)
  • Q&A session with the participants