New Instructions concerning Corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic

Instructions concerning Corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic.

We would like to inform you that following the latest announcements by the Greek Government about temporarily banning all educational activities with physical presence at the Higher Education Institutions of the country, the University of Macedonia for the period from 11.3.2020 to 24.3.2020:

  1. Suspends:

    (a) all academic lectures performed in a physical presence;

    (b) the operation of the Library, the public lounges, the laboratories, the reading rooms, the restaurant and canteen , the sports facilities and, in general, any public meeting ;

    (c) ceremonies, workshops, conferences, seminars, concerts and all kinds of events.

    In particular, in our University, with the care of the Rectorate, the meals to the students will be provided during the usual hours, in packages. The packages will be distributed to the students through the outside of the building entrance of the Restaurant.

    2. The following are excluded from the temporary prohibitions :

    (a) Administrative activities and services, including the operation of collective administration bodies (such as Departmental Assembly, Senate, etc.);

    (b) Research activities,

    (c) The operation of the Research Committee (ELKE);

    d) The operation of the student accommodation service.


Furthermore, the Senate at its 15 / 6.3.2020 meeting (Issue 4) "Discussion and decision on guidelines and further steps to prevent the risk of the COVID-19 proliferation", unanimously decided the following:


Recommends to all members of the academic community (students, including Erasmus students, academic, educational, teaching, research, technical and administrative staff):

i. not to travel abroad,


ii. regularly updated and meticulously adhering to the official instructions of the Ministry of Health taking all relevant precautionary measures,


iii. if they still need to visit abroad, upon return they will be forced to leave the campus for 14 days,


iv. in cases where academic members, faculty members and teachers need to be absent abroad, then for the time of compulsory isolation their teaching will either be postponed to take place in further notice, or will be taught by other members of the same subject area, under the responsibility of the Chairmen of the Departments and the Directors of the Programs. Respectively, for the absence of administrative staff during the forced isolation (14 days) will be the Heads of the University Services.


We remind you the individual as well as the collective responsibility to strictly follow all preventive and hygiene measures in accordance with the guidelines given by the National Public Health Organization (EODY).


We will keep you updated on any possible news or policy changes as regards COVID-19 at the University of Macedonia.

University of Macedonia

Erasmus Office