University of Macedonia: At the forefront of a changing world

Πρύτανης, Καθηγητής Στυλιανός Κατρανίδης

In a rapidly changing world, the University of Macedonia must be at the forefront of innovation, openness and excellence under terms of social sensitivity and inclusive education. Being in the seventh decade of its operation, the University of Macedonia is evolving into an open, innovative and daring Higher Education Institution, giving priority to teaching and research based on clear and transparent quality criteria. Simultaneously, it is an organized, operative, clean institution with care for its students. It bears its own identity that is recognized by both the local and the wider Greek community.

The University of Macedonia goes hand in hand with the developments of society and the international academic community in order to suit the needs of the new era being based upon the values of communication, cooperation, equal treatment and open society. It is our firm belief that no development matters unless it becomes an integral part of the wider society.

Openness for the University of Macedonia shall mean close cooperation with the city’s bodies and primarily with Municipal Authorities and the Prefecture, and harmonization of its actions for the shared objective to make the city of Thessaloniki the metropolitan center of the Balkan Peninsula. In this direction, through the enhancement of its participation and its academic programs, the development of research collaborations, the organization of scientific conferences and cultural - educational exchanges, our University will contribute to the international academic community and the attraction of foreign scientists and students. Openness shall also mean close cooperation with economic bodies and the industry, exchange of ideas and establishment of a framework through which the University, market and society will be engaged in a constant communication and interaction.   

Our objective is for the University of Macedonia to be part of the pioneering academic institutions of the emerging new era. My colleagues, the vice rectors, and I will make any possible effort in this direction and, being aware of the enormous capabilities of our University’s workforce, students, faculty and administrative staff, we are confident that together we will succeed.

The Rector of the University of Macedonia
Professor Stylianos D. Katranidis

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