Accessibility to educational material and services

Admittedly, in our country the most important problem currently facing students with visual impairments (blind or visually impaired) is access to educational material. This fact causes significant delays in their studies and does not allow them to participate equally in the educational process. Students with visual impairments rightfully demand that educational material (books, textbooks, notes, etc.) in digital form be at their disposal.. Yet, absence of such systematic provision inflicts accessibility inefficiencies on students and induces subsequent delays.

Students with visual impairments also face significant problems in directly  accessing information related to their studies. For example, they face problems accessing the content of announcements (course syllabus, course announcements, exam results, etc.), information on the program of various activities (conferences, student assemblies, artistic and sports events, etc.), information related to university services (Student Counselling and Support Services, Social Policy Committees).


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