Cost of Living

Thessaloniki is not as expensive as other European cities in terms of accommodation and subsistence costs. For example, a decent shared flat (of two people) could cost around 200–250 per month, including utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc) and internet. Of course the price depends on several factors, but the range provided is reasonable. Commuting to the university and everywhere in Thessaloniki is cheap, costing only €13.50 for the bust monthly student pass. You can also use the option of eating at the UoM restaurant offering 3 full means per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for €12 per week.

Then, also depending on your entertainment options, you will be able to adjust your cost of living accordingly. For example, a popular student option is to grab a take-away coffee (€1,5) and walk down the picturesque promenade of the city. Alternatively, you can have your cappuccino at one of the hundreds cafés of Thessaloniki (€2,5- €4,0) or drink a pint of local ale (€4-€6). One of the most popular things to do as a student is to go out at an inexpensive “Taverna” in the city centre where you should expect to pay €10 to €15 per person, depending on what you order. If you want to test your chances in cooking, you could buy pork chops for about €6 per kilo or chicken fillet for about €5 per kilo. But you should definitely explore the unique farmers’ markets that run on a daily basis where you can buy extremely fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables straight from the farmers at a low price. For example, you can find apples for €0,9 per kilo, field tomatoes for €1 per kilo or even sea bream for €5 per kilo. Taking into account the lifestyle of a student who lives in a shared accommodation at a mid-range spec place, eats at the university restaurant Monday to Friday, orders takeaway or cooks during the weekend, goes out with their friends to grab a coffee or share a meal, you should be looking at an average cost of around €400 per month. Then, allowing for shopping, personal care and going back home twice per year, you should estimate an overall cost of €500 per month.

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