Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living away from home.

University of Macedonia is not a campus University and due to the shortage of housing, a majority of the exchange students will be accommodated off campus. This can be a not so cheap option, so sharing with fellow students helps to spread the cost.

Documents for Student Accommodation and Housing at the Kalamaria Facilities 

Students interested in using the housing services of the Student Accommodation at Kalamaria must submit their application form within the specified deadlines to the competent Student Welfare Department, together with the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Attendance issued by the Secretariat of the corresponding Department of the University of Macedonia which has been selected

  2. Passport or ID copy, in case of EU countries, translated and validated by public authorities

  3. Income tax statement copy of the fiscal year concomitant with the application (in case of divorced parents, the tax statement of the parent having the custody is needed)

  4. Those who quote specific family reasons (multi-child family, parent loss, parent unemployment, parents with disabilities, other extraordinary reasons that impose financial costs on the family, etc.) must provide the necessary official certifications.

  5. Candidates who appeal to health reasons either personal or of any one of their family members must submit a certificate issued by the competent primary health committee documenting such reasons.

For more information, please visit the University Student Welfare Department


Private Housing

Students who are interested for a private housing you must look for a room in the private market. When you reach the University, you will find, as in most universities, boards plastered with notices for flat-shares and room lets. You can also consult local newspapers for adverts or refer to real estate agencies (for example: spitogatos.gr; xe.gr; spiti24.gr; tospitimou.gr) which have lists of apartments of rent in Thessaloniki. Keep in mind that you also will be required to pay a deposit of one month’s rent when you start renting the apartment.

Here are few handy tips to follow when you are looking for accommodation:
(a) considering the city’s size and traffic, always keep good bus connections in mind,
(b) it probably isn’t worth bringing too many household items with you. Most students buy the necessary equipment once they come in Thessaloniki,
(c) you can place or search for an advertisement, prices for a private room in an apartment, shared with other students, range from a minimum of ~200€ to a maximum ~400€ per month, (d) remember that for any information you can always refer to the International Students Office or Department of Accounting and Finance.
(e) visit some popular internet Housing Platforms/Services:


Important note: You should inform us about the exact date and time at least 3 days before your arrival at info.accfin@uom.edu.gr

  • Student Residences at UoM
    The Student Residence of the University of Macedonia aims to address the accommodation needs of students with financial or other difficulties as well as visiting professors and guest scientists or students in the framework of exchange and cooperation programmes with other Universities.
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