The Laboratory of Accounting Applications facilitateseducational and research needs in the following disciplines: a) Financial Accounting, Accounting Standardization and Principles; b) Administrative Accounting and Pricing; c) Accounting for Corporations, Groups and Multinational Enterprises; d) Taxation and, more importantly, of e) Accounting Information Systems.



The Laboratory of Accounting Applications aims at:

1. Meeting the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research needs of the Department of Business Administration as well as those of other departments of the University of Macedonia in subjects falling within its scope of activities.

2. Developing research activities and conducting similar studies in subjects falling within the spectrum of the laboratory.

3. Organizing scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences and other scientific events as well as producing publications and inviting Greek and internationally distinguished scientists and individuals.

4. Establishing all types of collaboration with other academic institutes, institutions and research centers within Greece or abroad, on condition that their scientific objectives coincide, relate to and complement those of the laboratory, within the context of reciprocity and collective work.

5. Establishing collaborations with bodies of the public sector, local authorities, scientific and social bodies, businesses, as well as international organizations or associations with a view to contributing to the design and development of alternative problem-solving methods which relate to research interests of the laboratory. 

Laboratory Coordinator: Drogalas Georgios, Assistant Professor


  • Foundation (Greek Government Gazette)  
  • Notice of elections for the appointment of coordinator
  • Appointment of the electoral committee_ elections for the appointment of coordinator
  • Appointment of Coordinator (Greek Government Gazette)

6. Providing services to individuals and organizations of any legal form pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 159/1984 (Α’ 53).