Culture - Borders - Gender Lab

The Culture-Borders-Gender/LAB is a place and mode of meeting within the academic community (teachers, researchers and students), a unit of an Area Studies Department (Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies) at the University of Macedonia. At the same time it is a link between young and mature researchers serving in the fields of Social Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies and Borders. Finally, it is an academic collectivity that speaks to the wider society, within, outside, the city, the borders and the wider area of «our faraway neighbors».

Mission Statement

The mission of the CBG/Lab is the dissemination of research, training on skills and good practices in understanding the complex processes of culture and gendered experiences across borders, as well as the study of borders, boundaries and border regions across cultures and people.

According to the establishing act (no 5897/2016), the Culture-Borders-Gender/LAB (Laboratory for the Study of Culture, Borders and Gender ), has as its main goals to

  • Promote academic research including comparative methodologies and research regarding culture, borders and gender
  • Operate as a hub in Greek and international research concerning issues of culture[s], borders and gender
  • Disseminate knowledge through a series of scientific activities (workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars, symposia)
  • Disseminate knowledge through scientific publications
  • Strengthen existing collaborative schemes with universities, academic research centers and institutes both in Greece and abroad engaged in the above mentioned fields of cultures, borders and gender
  • Engaged dynamically with different actors of public sector, local governments, scientific, social and professional agents  in the above mentioned fields
  • Make intelligent use of the existent know how with the view to attract national and international funding in targeted areas or research including the further specialization of its members
  • Develop activities related to service provision both related to public and private sectors
  • Address the graduate and postgraduate needs of the dept. of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies  related  to the above mentioned fields of culture[s], borders and gender
  • Establish and develop networks of collaborative research
  • Promote, develop and cultivate research and writing skills including administrative skills in social research
  • Promote the public image of the department and the Lab, through the training on Good practices

The Lab draws upon different research grants to subsidize its activities and cover its costs.

The Lab's internet page:

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