Entrepreneurship Lab

Entrepreneurship Lab (Laboratory) of the Department of Balkan Slavic and Oriental Studies was established in April 2016 with the aim of enhancing interdisciplinary research on Entrepreneurship in the respective Department and the University of Macedonia, supporting the entrepreneurial efforts of students and foreign students contributes to spreading Entrepreneurial culture and its benefits in society. 

The Entrepreneurship Lab enriches academic activities at the University of Macedonia by escaping the stereotypical teaching of entrepreneurship in the university auditorium. It is a new area of research, knowledge and action that builds bridges between researchers of different disciplines within the University, between the University of Macedonia and other Academic - Research Institutions and between the University and society. 

The objectives of the Laboratory include:

  • The promotion of personal characteristics, tools and knowledge leading to business excellence.
  • Strengthening extroversion and collaboration with other academic institutions / institutes and research centers in the country and abroad, with relevant scientific goals and objectives, in a spirit of reciprocity and collaborative work.
  • Collaborating with public sector bodies, local authorities, scientific, social and professional bodies, as well as international organizations, to help jointly explore solutions and proposals to tackle contemporary problems that fall under the Scientific interests of the Laboratory.
  • Coverage at undergraduate and postgraduate level (including doctoral research) of the educational and research needs of the Department of Balkan Slavic and Oriental Studies, in subjects that fall within the scientific fields of activity of the Laboratory.
  • Promoting collegiality and interdisciplinary approach as a means of developing research workshops between faculty members and researchers with related or complementary scientific fields of specialization (Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Humanities, Gender Studies, Science Studies, European Policies, Information Sciences).
  • Utilizing know-how to attract research funded by national and international resources in the scientific fields of activity of the Laboratory or individual fields of specialization of its members.
  • The provision of services to individuals, as well as to all types of organizations and bodies, as provided for in the PD. 159/1984 (ETK A 53/1984), aiming at enhancing the entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness of Greek businesses.
  • Conducting and promoting relevant research and studies on the scientific interests of the Laboratory's activities.
  • Organizing scientific conferences, lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events, as well as concluding collaborations with internationally recognized scientists in the broader field of Entrepreneurship.
  • The dissemination of entrepreneurship, its practical applications in everyday life, and the benefits it brings to society.
  • Further contributing to the creation of new entrepreneurs, encouraging innovative business models (startups), social entrepreneurship, gender mainstreaming and networking of graduates of the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies.

Among other activities to date, it participated in a research project on women's entrepreneurship in Greece during the financial crisis in collaboration with the University of Crete, the Polytechnic of Crete and the Employment and Employment Support Center ERGANI, members of the Lab. In addition, it has cooperated with the UNESCO Center for Women and Peace in the Balkans.In addition, initiatives to teach Entrepreneurship in education, Entrepreneurship for Refugees, have been undertaken. A business canvas workshop for 30 students from 18 different countries was organized, in collaboration with the students of the Technical School of the Aristotle University within the framework of the BEST project. In this initiative,  students after becoming familiar with the business canvas, were invited to develop their business ideas in different groups and present them to the public. Furthermore results of research carried out within the Laboratory were presented at international conferences in Greece and abroad and to the public.

 Director of the Laboratory is Professor Katerina Sarri

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