Special Teaching / Laboratory / Technical Staff

Added to the Department's Academic Staff, there are academics from the other Departments of the University helping out with our teaching program. Those are;

Karagiorgos Theofanis, Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Macedonia

Noulas Athanasios, Professor, Department of Accounting & Finance, University of Macedonia.

Papadopoulos Simeon, Assistant Department of Accounting & Finance, University of Macedonia.

Tania Stoyanova, Visiting Professor

Head of the Department

Kyrkilis DimitriosKyrkilis Dimitrios

Special Educational Personnel

Borovas GeorgiosBorovas Georgios+30 2310 891.784gborovas uom.gr
Daniilidou NatrisaDaniilidou Natrisa+30 2310 891.579ndaniilidou uom.gr
Dimitriadou DespinaDimitriadou Despina+30 2310 891.474dimitria uom.gr
Filipova-Mertzimeki StefaniaFilipova-Mertzimeki Stefania+30 2310 891.469sfm uom.gr
Laine JaanaLaine Jaana+30 2310 891.516gl uom.gr
Mamaluy SvetlanaMamaluy Svetlana+30 2310 891.431svet uom.gr
Trakadas AntoniosTrakadas Antonios+30 2310 891.508at uom.edu.gr

Laboratory Teaching Personnel

Danis EvangelosDanis Evangelos+30 2310 891.801danis uom.edu.gr

Special Technical Lab Personnel

Moumtzoglou AnnaMoumtzoglou Anna+30 2310 891.778anna uom.edu.gr

Detached Staff

Nimigean GinaNimigean Gina+30 2310 891.735ginanimigean uom.edu.gr

Research Grant Holders

 +30 2310 891.475dmiranda uom.gr
Kourgiotis PanagiotisKourgiotis Panagiotis+30 2310 891.167kourgiotis uom.edu.gr
Markati DimitraMarkati Dimitra+30 2310 891.169dmarkati uom.edu.gr
Yelich-Koumbouridou MaritsaYelich-Koumbouridou Maritsa+30 2310 891.629marajelic2003 yahoo.gr
Zalidis VasileiosZalidis Vasileios+30 2310 891.713vnzalidis uom.edu.gr

Visiting Professors

Lamprou AlekosLamprou Alekos+30 2310 891.888alekoslamprou gmail.com

Εντεταλμένοι Διδάσκοντες/ουσες στο πλαίσιο απόκτησης ακαδημαϊκής διδακτικής εμπειρίας σε νέους επιστήμονες κατόχους διδακτορικού στο Πανεπιστήμιο Μακεδονίας

Velentza ChristinaVelentza Christina+30 6982 852.827x.velentza uom.gr
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