New PhD Candidates


Below you will find the steps that new students should follow after their registration and answers to potential questions regarding the University's services and the opportunities offered during their studies.

Registration No:

During their registration, all students receive a unique "registration number", which is valid until they graduate. This "registration number" also constitutes the username of their online account.

Online Account

Online account login information is provided to students shortly after registration to be used throughout their studies for all online services related to their student status (Student' s Web, Library, eClass / CoMPUs, Academic Identity, Eudoxus, Eduroam, etc.). Each student must first log in to  to activate his / her electronic account. In this platform, the student fills in his/her personal data, mobile phone and e-mail account which he/she entered in the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs platform, or submitted at the Department Secretariat. When creating an online account at, the students are asked to choose their own password.  If this password is forgotten, it can be retrieved by the student himself/herself using the service. 

To identify the following online services, the student must log in with the username (same for all applications) and the password chosen at

The university e-mail account is created by the University Computer and Network Center. The student simply links to or with the login information sent to him/her by the Secretariat. If anyone wants to change their email PASSWORD, they should follow Gmail instructions.


Student Matters

Academic ID

The Academic ID Service is responsible for the issuance of an academic ID (online service of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs). At you can find all information related to academic ID issuance. You can login using your username. The password is the one you entered at  In case you lose your academic ID, you must submit a declaration of loss to the Secretariat and then the re-issuing process will begin.


Teaching Schedule (weekly)

You can find out about the current teaching schedule visiting the following link:

Undergraduate Studies -> Student Matters -> Teaching Schedule


Examination schedule

You can find out the current exam period program visiting the link Undergraduate Studies -> Student Matters ->Exam Schedule


Participation in conference

The following documents concern the participation of PhD candidates in conferences


Funding for research publications

The relevant information has been posted on the website of the Special Research Fund Account of the University of Macedonia: Funding for Research Publications 



For inquiries about your student status, visit the website and click on Contact Us

  • Email:
  • Telephone Nr. : 2310.891217 and 2310.891323
  • If you wish to visit the Department’s Secretariat, please do so on Mon - Wed - Fri, 11: 30-13: 00.
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