Department of Economics


Welcome to the Department of Economics, School of Economics and Regional Studies of the University of Macedonia. The Department is among the most innovative, well organized and dynamic Departments of Economics in Greece, achieving every year to be ranked highly on the preferences of new entrant students.

 The Department of Economics is committed to excellence in research and teaching. All faculty members of our community are equipped with significant theoretical and empirical knowledge in modern economic science, which is transmitted to students in the best possible way.

The Department aims to enhance Economic thought, developing economists that perform at the highest quality standards. Our main objective is to develop critical thinking skills in our students, and provide them all the necessary tools in order to be able to conduct an in depth analysis of complex socio-economic phenomena and enhance their ability to suggest and implement proper economic policy reforms.

We pursuit our goals by developing high quality research, that is, the production of new knowledge as well as by organizing and transmitting the already accumulated knowledge, as required by modern science and the present and future needs of our society.

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