Foreign Languages Unit

Foreign languages courses at UOM

Four foreign languages are taught as compulsory subjects in the curricula of five Departments of the University: English, French, German and Italian. Teaching of English starts at the B2 level and ends at C1, while teaching of French, German and Italian starts at A2 and end at B2. Teaching of all foreign language concentrates on the specific needs of economic and social sciences that the university caters for. Supplementary learning material is also available in electronic form for students' autonomous practice of the language.

In the Department of Balkan, Slavic & Oriental studies students choose the Russian or Turkish language as their main foreign language taught for eight semesters. Students also choose from Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Armenian and Hebrew as their second foreign language.

In the Department of International & European Studies the Spanish language is also offered as an option to students.