English II: Writing for Academic Purposes

Aim: academic writing skills (summarizing, synthesizing, graphic representation)


Description: The course aims at developing students' academic writing skills through the reading of a wide range of texts and in connection with different types of writing such as paraphrasing, paragraph writing, summary writing, report writing, formulating conclusions from graphs, completion of graphic organizers, reviewing and evaluating of arguments. A task-based approach is used while the focus is not only on writing as a product but also on the processes linked with the different types of writing mentioned above. Furthermore, to become more competent in dealing with the different reading and writing tasks, students will be taught how to trace their own learning strategies as well as develop and apply a range of additional strategies, appropriate for the specific tasks and for managing and evaluating their learning.

Assessment: Final course assessment will consist in a final exam or continuous assessment in combination with a final exam.

Departments: Economics, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Educational Policy