English IV: Oral Presentations

Aim: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the basic principles of speaking in public and help them develop oral presentation skills to use in academic situations involving topics in their fields.


Description: The course starts with the oral presentation principles such as the importance of public speaking, the role of the audience and of effective listening, ethical issues involved and speech apprehension. It then moves to more practical considerations like the preparation of a speech, selection of topic and purpose, preparation of a rationale, composition of the speech, writing a summary and an outline, composing introductions and conclusions. Finally it deals with the delivery of the speech, with particular attention to use of non verbal communication and of visual aids. Emphasis is given to techniques for involving the audience, developing self awareness of one's own oral skills potential, constructive evaluation and analysis of speeches, and innovative use of presentational aids.

Assessment: end-of-semester exam, or continuous assessment scheme (delivering an oral presentation)

Departments: Economics, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Educational and Social Policy.