Incoming study exchage students

In order to undertake an Erasmus study exchange period at the University of Macedonia, there must be a current Institutional Agreement in place between the departments of partner institutions. Contact your home institution to discover if an agreement with the University exists. Your university must officialy nomimate you to study at the University of Macedonia, by the deadline.


Email a copy of the full application form to the Departmental Administrative Personnel, responsible for Erasmus Programme:

Department of Economics

Kargioti Maria

ΓΔ5, 3rd floor, office 305

+30 2310 891798

Department of Balkan Slavic and Oriental Studies

Moumtzoglou Anna

ΚΖ2, 2nd floor, office 214

+30 2310 891778

Department of Applied Informatics

Psatha Alcmini

Γ2, 2nd floor office 236

+30 2310 891864

Department of Business Administration

Karagouni Natasha

ΗΘ4, 4th floor, office 411

+30 2310 891598

Department of Accounting and Finance

Karatzidis Efstratios

ΗΘ4, 4th floor, office 422

+30 2310 891687

Department of International and European Studies

Vagianos Dimitrios

ΚΖ4, 4th floor, office 435

+30 2310 891489

Department of Educational & Social Policy

Isavella Kotini

Department of Music Science & Art

Triantafyllidis Savvas

Mezzanine, office 4

+30 2310 891281

Application deadline

All the required application documents should reach the receiving Department at the following dates at the latest:

20th of June for the Fall semester and full academic year

20th of November for the Spring semester


Required Application Documents

  •  The Student’s Application Form(signed)
  • A scanned copy of your transcript (only for undergratuate students). The transcript should clearly state the courses you have taken and the grades you have achieved. Please also attach an explanation of the grading system used if it is not clearly stated in the transcript
  • A previous degree of studies (only for master and PhD students)
  • A clearly readable copy of your passport or ID-card. International students must send their passport.
  •  A Copy of your European Health Insurance Card (only for EU –members), covering your entire period of study at the University of Macedonia. In case of non EU-members a copy of the Health Insurance Coverage in English covering your entire period of study in Greece (the Participant must be covered for health insurance either from the Sending Institution/Organisation or by the participants’ own resources-private contract).
  •  A scanned photo (passport size)
  • It is necessary to fill in the learning agreement (OLA).  The three parties have to agree on this section to be completed before the mobility.





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