Department Laboratories


Department of Educational & Social Policy

Department Laboratories



Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Neurosciences

304/15.2.2016 issue B’ (Government Gazette)

Proios Hariklia

Laboratory of Accessibility and Support of Individuals with Disabilities

263/24-2-2015 issue B’ (Government Gazette)

Papadopoulos Konstantinos

Laboratory of Informatics and Robotics applications in Education and Society (LIRES)

4630/28.12.2017 issue B’ (Government Gazette)

Fachantidis Nikolaos

Laboratory of Autism - Developmental Spectrum Disorders and Behavior Difficulties of the Human 1882/11-5-2021 issue B’ (Government Gazette) Syriopoulou-Delli Christine

Laboratory of Studies, Applications and Interventions in Communication and Deafness

2043/19-5-2021 Issue Β' (Government Gazette)

Okalidou Areti

Laboratory of Applications for the Educational and Social Inclusion of individuals with learning and adaptation difficulties (LAESI) 

2514/14-6-2021 Issue Β' (Government Gazette) Agaliotis Ioannis


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