Committee for Research Ethics of the University of Macedonia

According to Chapter E’ (Articles 21- 27) of Law 4521 (Government Gazette vol. A '38 / 2-3-2018), the establishment of a Committee for Research Ethics of the University of Macedonia is foreseen.

"The purpose of the Committees for Research Ethics is to provide guarantees at a moral and ethical level concerning the credibility of research projects carried out in Universities  and research bodies. The Committees for Research Ethics control whether a research project is conducted with respect to the value of human beings, the autonomy of the individuals involved, their privacy and personal data, as well as the natural and cultural environment.

The Committees also monitor compliance with generally accepted principles of research integrity and the criteria of good scientific practice.

"The responsibility of the Committee for Research Ethics is to ascertain whether a particular research project to be carried out by a University/research body complies or not with the applicable legislation and whether it is in accordance with generally accepted ethical rules of research in terms of its content and method of conduct. The Committee for Research Ethics evaluates the research proposal and: a. approves it; or b. makes recommendations and propositions for its revision in case any ethical obstacles arise”.

Mrs. Zoi Manou has been appointed as secretary of the Committee for Research Ethics of the University of Macedonia,  administrative employee (Tel. 2310 891 348, e-mail:, with deputy assistance Mr. Ioannis Nitsioulis administrative employee (Tel. 2310 891 261, e-mail:

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