• What is the duration of studies in the Department of Accounting and Finance?
  • When should I choose the course of study I will attend?
  • What is the electronic account service and where it is used?
  • How can I find articles and/or bibliographic sources for preparing assignments assigned by the Department’s instructors within the courses?
  • What are the opening hours of the Secretariat of the Department of Accounting and Finance?
  • What is the procedure for obtaining a certificate of study?
  • How do I follow the announcements of the Department Secretariat?
  • When and how should I declare the courses I will attend?
  • Where can I find the program of study, the courses’ outline as well as the timetable?
  • How do I get the textbooks for the modules that I attend?
  • Are undergraduate students of the Department able to participate in the Erasmus+ program?
  • Is there an internship at the Department of Accounting and Finance?
  • Is there a connection between the Accounting and Finance Department and the industry?
  • Are there professional certifications for the graduates of the Department?
  • Are student counseling services provided?
  • Is there provision for the effective coverage of the needs of students with disabilities?
  • Can I continue my studies in the Department after receiving my degree?
  • Information on the payment of fees by the Accounting department

The duration of studies in the Department of Accounting and Finance is four years (8 semesters).

During the first two years of your studies at the Department, the teaching program is common to all students. In the third year, students are asked to choose between two directions: (a) Accounting and Auditing and (b) Finance.

The electronic account consists of the user name (user name) and the password (password). It is used for identification in the electronic services provided to you either by the University of Macedonia or by other entities. The password provided by the University is used to create and log in to the University e-mail account. For access to all electronic services, such as students web (https://services.uom.gr/unistudent/login.asp?lang=en-us), open e-class (https://openeclass.uom.gr/), the ‘Eudoxus’ system (https://eudoxus.gr/) and the ‘Electronic Academic Identity Service’ (https://en-academicid.minedu.gov.gr/), use the password that you will obtain after first entering the service (https://uregister.uom.gr/).

Instructors will inform you about how to find reliable bibliographic sources during the lessons. Access to scientific journals and books, as well as other sources, is provided remotely by the services of the University Library. Additional information can be found on the website:

All relevant information is available on the following website:

Through the ‘students web’ application, using the ‘username’ and the ‘password’ that the student has in ‘Uregister’. Then, he/her should select ‘Applications’ or send a message to the Secretariat at the email address: finsecr@uom.edu.gr, using always the university account (email).

Students are advised to make use the ‘students web’ application or through the website of University of Macedonia (www.uom.gr/en). In this case, you should select the Department of Accounting and Finance and then 'Information' - 'Important University News for the students of the Department' and / or through the application 'open e-class' where announcements are posted by the instructors of each course.

Course statements are made in a specific period of time. The time is announced by
the Secretariat of the Department through the ‘students web’ application using the ‘username’ and the ‘password’ that the student has in the URegister and selecting the report ‘Statements’. (The Dean of the School has decided that the compulsory and due courses of the students of all semesters are declared by the Secretariat of the Department).

All relevant information about the program of study, the courses’ outline and the timetable is available at:

You will be able to declare your textbooks during specific dates announced by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the action "Eudoxos". Student will need to visit the portal at the electronic address: www.eudoxus.gr and then selects the tab "Students" and "Select Textboks" where he will enter his Uregister "username" and "password".

Students of the Department of Accounting and Finance are provided with the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ program. More information can be found at:

Students of the Department of Accounting and Finance are given the opportunity to do an internship. More information can be found at: https://www.uom.gr/en/fin/internship 

The Department of Accounting and Finance is connected to the industry. The Department has professional collaborations with ACCA and auditing companies, with service companies as well as with public and private bodies. You will find more information at the electronic address: https://www.uom.gr/en/fin and more specifically in the Graduates section.

The undergraduate study program (pathway: Accounting and Auditing) has been certified by international auditing bodies: ACCA, ΙΕΣΟΕΛ, Institute of Internal Auditors. More information can be found at: https://www.uom.gr/fin and in particular in the section Certifications - International Collaborations – Distinctions

Yes, they are provided by the Student Counseling Center. More information can be found in the section: https://www.uom.gr/en/fin/student-support-and-counseling

The Department provides facilities and audiovisual media for students with disabilities. More information can be found in the section: https://www.uom.gr/en/accessibility

The Department of Accounting and Finance offers postgraduate studies in the research fields supported by Department (https://www.uom.gr/en/fin/postgraduate-studies-and-programs). Also, after the successful completion of a postgraduate program, one can continue with the preparation of a doctoral dissertation (https://www.uom.gr/en/fin/doctoral-studies) and then continue with post-doctoral research (https://www.uom.gr/en/fin/postdoctoral-studies).

The finance department of the university announces that from 04.03.2014 the payment of the fees related to issuing transcripts, degree copies, as well as the payment of fees for the issue of meetings minutes and for the purchase of telephone units will be made by direct payment to the following account:

Bank of Piraeus
BANK ACCOUNT: 5202-070107-503
IBAN: GR81 0172 2020 0052 0207 0107 503

It is necessary to specify what are you paying for as well as the quantity.

PAPYRUS: €18.00

INFORMATION: TEL: 2310891236, 2310891417

The transfer of money to the account of Piraeus Bank, with account number. 5202-070107-503, from another bank, for the issuance of any certificate, transcripts, copy or papyrus, should include any fee costs which are burden exclusively by the depositor and in no case the University of Macedonia.

Therefore, upon presentation of the receipt of the deposit (from a bank other than Piraeus), in the respective secretariat of the Department, the amount of the commission withheld for the transfer of money must be clearly indicated.

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