Message of the Head of Department

Dear first year students,

We would like to congratulate you on your enrollment to the Department of Accounting and Finance of the School of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia.

You are entering a new cycle of your life and the changes you will experience will be substantial and significant. However, in this new reality you will have support from both the Teaching Staff, as well as the Administrative and the special Technical Lab personnel of the Department, who will make every effort for your smooth integration in the University and the Department of Accounting and Finance. You need to focus on the challenges and opportunities offered by your new learning environment. Your active participation in the lectures, tutorials and workshops as well as in the events of the Department, the School and the University, in general, will be an important part of your student life. The years during your studies at the Department of Accounting and Finance should be creative and productive, in order to open for you new educational, scientific and professional horizons.

The knowledge offered, by definition, does not focus only on the subjects that are treated in the Department of Accounting and Finance but it is characterized by breadth. The Department of Accounting and Finance, through the organization of lectures, discussions, workshops, symposia and conferences, makes every effort to create all those conditions that aim to familiarize you with the topics related to current issues concerning the sciences of Accounting, Audit and Finance, while seeking to offer you a modern and comprehensive academic education.

The study guide that you will find on the website of the Department, includes the new analytical curriculum as well as other useful information. We consider the undergraduate program of the Department of Accounting and Finance to meet and cover the needs of creating a competent knowledge base in Accounting, Auditing and Finance Science in collaboration with Economics, Marketing-Management, Computing, Quantitative Methods and Law science. It is also flexible as it includes elective courses. The study guide also presents the detailed description of the modules and the staff of the Department of Accounting and Finance.

Making a brief reference to the program, the existence of two two-year courses is noted.
More specifically, during the first cycle (1st to 4th semesters of your studies) the courses are common to all students where the basic knowledge in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Informatics, Marketing-Management, Economics, Mathematics-Statistics and Law science is covered. During the second cycle (5th  to 8th semester), students choose one of the following pathways: (a) Accounting-Taxation or (b) Finance.

We would also like to mention the possibility of internships in firms and auditing companies offering the possibility of applying the knowledge that you have obtained on a practical level.

Please note that the undergraduate curriculum as well as the content of the courses has been recognized and certified by the international auditing body, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) which provides to the graduates to be exempted from examination in a number of modules for professional exams for obtaining the international title of ACCA.

We would also like to emphasize the operation of Postgraduate Programs (MSc) of the Department and in particular of: (a) MSc in Applied Accounting and Auditing (http: //www.accfin., (b) MSc in Accounting Taxation and Financial Management ( management) and (c) MSc in Accounting and Finance (

At the same time, the Department in cooperation with other Departments of the University of Macedonia as well as with other Higher Education Institutions of the country, offers the following joint Postgraduate Programs: (a) Management in Business Administration - MBA, (b) Economics, (c) Information Systems (d) Advanced Computer and Communication Systems in collaboration with the Polytechnic (AUTh) and (e) Accounting and Auditing in collaboration with the Hellenic Mediterranean University. Finally, the Department cooperates with Universities abroad offering the possibility of student exchanges within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

We wish you every success in your studies and we promise to make every effort to continuously improve the learning experience and environment during your studies

We wish you every success in your studies.

The Head of the Department,
the Teaching and the Research Staff and
the Administrative and Technical Staff of the
Department of Accounting and Finance

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