The Department of Accounting and Finance in collaboration with the Office of Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP) and the relevant services of the Institution has harmonized the Quality Policy of the Undergraduate Program (PPS) with the Quality Policy of the University of Macedonia.

At the same time, the Quality Assurance Policy (PDP) of the Department of Accounting and Finance is shaped, changed, improved and adapted to the current conditions and requirements, and feedback is constantly received by the active participation of all members of the Department (teaching staff, students, administrative staff)

The PDP of the Department is drawn up to support, in general, the academic content and the scientific orientation of the Curriculum (PS) offered by the Department but to also continuously guarantee the high quality of the produced educational, scientific, research and academic work, in accordance with the international academic standards and good practices of the European Higher Education Area (EXAE) as well as in compliance with the principles of the Quality Assurance Authority (ADIP) and compliance with current legislation.

The charting of the PDP of the Department focuses on the promotion of the objective and the subject of the Curriculum (PS) as well as on the achievement of the strategic goals that are set each time, through procedures and actions, with the ultimate goal of their continuous development and improvement. A key component of the Department's PS is the PPS which reflects and highlights the basic scientific and academic identity of the Department.

The Department’s Board is responsible for the approval of the PDP after relevant documented suggestions of the responsible committees (OMEA, etc.). In particular, the PDP of the PPS of the Department includes actions and procedures that ensure and document the following:
(a) the appropriateness of the structure and organization of the curriculum;
(b) the annual review and internal inspection of the PPS quality assurance system;
(c) the pursuit and achievement of learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European and Hellenic Qualification Framework for Higher Education;
(d) ways of linking teaching with research;
(e) the level of demand for graduates' qualifications in the industry;
(f) promoting the quality and effectiveness of the research produced by the members of the Department;
(g) promoting the quality and effectiveness of the teaching provided to students;
(h) the quality of supporting services, such as administrative services, libraries and student care services;
(i) conducting the annual review and internal inspection of the quality assurance system of the PPS as well as the cooperation of the OMEA with the MODIP of the Foundation.

The quality assurance procedures, recorded in the Quality Manual of the Institution, are applied at the Department of Accounting and Finance with the required specialization/personalization. All quality assurance procedures of the Department of Accounting and Finance are subject to inspection, review and revision, which are carried out on an annual basis by the OMEA in collaboration with the Institution’s MODIP.

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