Physical Education Office

The purpose of PE Office of the University of Macedonia is to enable students to develop their physical abilities alongside their  mental ones according to scientifically appropriate methods trough their (optional) participation in sports activities. It aims at raising awareness among students of the benefits and needs met by  physical exercise with a view to it becoming a lifestyle. 

The teaching staff consists of Physical Education Teachers with high educational training and considerable coaching experience. 

Our University's PE Office includes in its annual program sports activities such as: Orthosomatic Gymnastics, Pilates, Aerobics, Volleyball, Basketball, Muscle Strengthening, Karate, Modern- Classical Dance, Table Tennis, Capoeira angola, Hip - Hop, Swimming, Argentine Tango, Latin Dances. It also organises outdoor activities: skiing, mountaineering, hiking etc. The University of Macedonia has two sports halls: indoor sports gym and fitness room. During the academic year, internal championships are held for all team sports. A “Sports Day” is organised at the end of each academic year. Our University participates in all Panhellenic Student Championships organized by the Higher Education Sports Committee. In addition, the PE Office establishes demonstration teams consisting of students from the University of Macedonia; participates in sporting events; and organizes aerobic and orthosomatic fitness seminars.

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