Master in Human Resource Management

Master in Human Resource Management, MHRM

The aims of the Master’s program in Human Resource Management- MHRM of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia are:

  • The specialization of graduates of Higher Education Institutes so as to be able to contribute to the promotion of knowledge in the broader spectrum of the discipline of Human Recourse Management and the training of executives that are able to:
  1. pursue a professional career in the field of Human Resource Management both in the Private and Public Sector.
  2. promote the development of research and its practical application on the corresponding discipline.
  • The ongoing learning and development of students. Based on this philosophy, professors make use of a variety of methods including applied research, case studies, business games, computer- assisted simulations etc.
  • The identification and development of master students capable of conducting and completing a doctoral thesis in the field of Human Resource Management.
  • The establishment of collaborations with corresponding master’s programs offered by recognized Higher Education Institutes, research institutes, established professional institutes, and institutions within Greece or abroad, which provide adequate scientific staff and the required technical infrastructure.
  • Foundation (Greek Government Gazette)
  • Rules of Procedure

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