Graduates’ Perspectives

A. Continuation of Studies

1.      Postgraduate studies in national or International universities, in the following indicative fields:            
Political Science, Political Theory, Economic Theory, European Integration, European Studies, International Economics, Regional Economics, International Relations, International Trade, European Regional Policy, Public Finance, Contemporary Political Thought and Practice, Political Analysis and Behaviour, Financing, Strategic Studies, Multinational Enterprises, Political Communication, Greek Economy, Modern Diplomacy, Economic Development, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, Developing World, International Law, European Law.

2. Diplomatic Academy
Graduates of our Department are eligible to participate in the examinations for admission in the Diplomatic Academy functioning under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The Academy requires one-year attendance.  Graduates of the Academy may be employed in embassies and consulates.

3. National School of Public Administration
Graduates of our Department are eligible to participate in the examinations for admission in the National School of Public Administration.  The School requires two-year attendance.  Graduates of the School are specialized in General Administration, Social Administration (health services, social policy organisations), Local Government, Regional Development and Trade.

4. School of Vocational and Technical Education Officers
Graduates of our Department are eligible to participate in the examinations for admission in the School of Vocational and Technical Education Officers.  The School requires one-year attendance.  Graduates of the School of Vocational and Technical Education Officers can be employed in teaching positions in Greek schools of secondary education.

Scholarships : Graduates of our Department can apply for scholarships at the following institutions: State Scholarship Foundation, Onassis Foundation, Bodosaki Foundation, Kokkalis Foundation, Basil and Eliza Goulandris Foundation, Union of Greek Shipowners (for children of navy officers), British Council, NATO, Manpower Employment Organization, European University Institute (Firenze Italia),  German Academic Exchange Service, Australia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Romania, UNESCO, FULBRIGHT.

B. Professional Career

The Department graduates who have specialized in International and European Economic Studies are eligible to register in the Economic Chamber of Greece (license and regulation of the profession), while graduates of the Political Studies and Diplomacy specialization are eligible to register in the Hellenic Political Science Association.
Graduates of our Department may be employed in the Public or Private Sector.  Particularly:

1. Ministries : Foreign Affairs, National Economy, Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization, Culture, Agriculture, Citizen Protection, Macedonia- Thrace, Defence etc.

2. International Organizations : United Nations (UN),North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), World Trade Organization (WTO), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) etc.

3. European Union Institutions: European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Ministers, Committee of the Regions,European Court of Auditors, European Court of Justice, European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP).  This EU centre is based in Thessaloniki.

4. Local Government, that is, Local Authorities (municipalities and communities), Prefectural Administration, Municipal Bodies, Administrative Units, “Kapodistrias” Reform.  Promoting local economic growth, income redistribution and decentralization policies.

5. General Accounting Office
(budget, report, analysis of results, conclusions, etc.)

6. Preparation of European Programs and Proposals
(recording and analysis of specific objectives and actions to be adopted/pursued, implementation of a specific program, budgeting, proposal process and necessary supporting documents, contacts with funding agencies).

7. OrganizedBusiness Accountants or as Freelance Accountants.

8. Banks, Utility Companies etc.

9.      Media

10.    Political analysts, Political communication consultants

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