Thucydides Chair

“Thucydides - The Hellenic National Defence General Staff Chair in Strategic Studies” operates in the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia, in collaboration with the Supreme Joint War College, at the proposal of Professor Ilias Kouskouvelis, who is the first holder of the Chair.

Shaping a small or large-scale foreign policy requires strategy. Since changes in the international system are nowadays visible, due to the emergence of new forces and the change in the balance of Europe and worldwide, studying and researching strategic issues is more necessary than ever before.

The Chair aims at promoting and enhancing Strategic Studies in Greece, at a time when our country needs to design its next plans wisely and competently. For this reason, the Chair of Strategic Studies as well as the collaboration between the University of Macedonia and the Hellenic National Defence General Staff are of great value.

The Chair also aims to further the training of Armed Forces members, strengthen public debate on strategy related issues, and conduct high level research on the challenges we face. In order to meet its objectives, the Chair has introduced a number of activities: teaching, research, scientific conferences, scholarships etc.
Thus, the Chair covers a wide range of subjects related to Strategic Studies:

  • military history;
  • technology and weapon systems;
  • military leadership;
  • strategy of small forces;
  • war theory;
  • military gaming;
  • warfare and military tactics;
  • gender and strategy;
  • cyber war

 The Department of International and European Studies, recently evaluated with praise, is fully equipped with the experience and scientific personnel in order to support the Chair. In addition, it maintains a long-standing and successful cooperation with the Supreme Joint War College while the Department Research and Teaching Staff members have previously offered their services in the training of members of the Armed Forces and the Diplomatic Services of Greece and Cyprus.

The establishment of the Chair is a great honour and responsibility for the Department of International and European Studies and the University of Macedonia, and it forcefully demonstrates the academic quality of our University and our commitment to contribute to society and strengthen the country’s power. We are confident that if we want to change our future, we must invest in trust and co-operation between institutions, as well as in utilization of scientific knowledge by the State. Only in this way, can we shape a better future.


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