Nichoritis Konstantinos
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  • Office: ΓΔ, 210

    Nichoritis Konstantinos

    Retired Professor
    Department of Balkan, Slavic & Oriental Studies

    Academic Area

    Slavic Studies

    Curriculum Vitae
    Academic Titles
    • 2000    Dr Habil (DSc) Philosophy, Veljko Ternovo University, Bulgaria
    • 1987    Doctor of Slavonic Literature of the Sciences Academy of Sophia University, Bulgaria
    • 1981    BA in Theology (Sophia Faculty of Theology), Sofia University, Bulgaria
    • 1978    Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy, Greece
    Research Interests
    • History of Slavic Spiritual Life and Culture.
    •  The work of Saints Cyril and Methodius and the world of the Slavs
    •  Mount Athos and its monasteries as centers of spiritual radiation to the Orthodox Slavs
    •  The Greek Archbishops of Achrida and their enlightening work
    •  The Halki Theological School and the teaching of the Slavonic language
    •  Issues of Greek education to the Balkan peoples during the Turkish occupation
    •  Mount Athos as a deterrent to the spread of Islam in the Balkans
    •  Issues of Slavic literature
    •  Paleography issues - access and study of Slavic and Greek Archives
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