Course Outline: 1st semester

(Total ECTS - First Semester 30 ECTS)

1. Strategic Financial Accounting (Strategic Managerial Accounting for Decision Making) (6 ECTS)
This module aims to develop the skills required for effective decision making in an enterprise-organization through the description of the methods and principles of Managerial Accounting. In particular, methods are developed such as budgets and cost model analysis that assist in both the planning and controlling and decision-making processes of an entity.

2. Financial Management (6 ECTS)
Business decisions, regardless of the context in which they are taken, e.g. management level, operation of the company level, have their financial dimension. Examining and understanding this dimension is crucial for the long-term viability of the business. This need is reflected in the course material. The course aims to give the basic corporate financial decisions with emphasis on their connection with the company’s other operations in the context of both international and Greek literature and empirical research. Of course, the active participation of students in the elaboration and presentation of the used teaching material will be required

3. Strategic Financial Accounting (6 ECTS)
In the modern business environment, new issues are constantly emerging in a business-organization that need to be addressed. The module presents the principles and methodology for dealing with the above issues of financial accounting in order to contribute to the decision-making and strategy of the entity. The topics developed are accompanied by applications and case studies.

(Postgraduate students choose two (2) Courses)

1. Accounting Information Systems (6 ECTS)
The module covers the accounting process in the modern business environment. Examines data, documentation and classification procedures, alternative approaches for data storage and processing. Studies information systems and their use for decision making. Introduces internal audit and accounting information systems: general audit and audit applications as well as the main internal audit models. Analyzes the components of accounting systems. Uses accounting information systems to record, analyze and support business activity. Records the details of accounting organization and financial data management. It also aims at the specialization of the participants in the technologies of design and development of information systems but also in the use of databases for the implementation of simple information systems.

2. Value Determination Securities (6 ECTS)
The purpose of this module is to develop the concept of securities as well as to present their special features. In addition, their valuation techniques that are necessary for a business are developed.

3. Advanced Forecasting Techniques (6 ECTS)
The aim of the course is the development of the theoretical background behind the most advanced forecasting techniques, as well as to acquire the necessary skills for their effective application in real financial applications.

4. Working Capital Management (6 ECTS)
The aim of the module is to provide to the graduate students a comprehensive background of the theory and techniques related to the selection and financing of current assets of companies as well as all the individual issues related to the effective management of working capital. Specific issues that are examined are: the management of cash, securities, receivable accounts, stocks and payable accounts as well as sources of short-term financing. The module includes lectures and exercises by the teaching team and presentations of applications and articles by the postgraduate students on topics related to the lectures. A key element of the methodology, regarding the practical application of the module material, is the completion by the postgraduate students of a case study that concerns the financial analysis and evaluation of the working capital situation of a company.

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