Directorate of the Library and Information Center

The University of Macedonia was founded in 1990 and it's the evolution of the Higher Industry School of Thessaloniki, which was founded in 1948, but it first operated in the academic year 1957-58. The Library of the University of Macedonia  was founded in 1962, but it started lending books to the professors in 1965. A room in 45, Niki Avenue was it's first location, but after several relocations, in 1990 the collection was transfered from 45, Tsimiski Road to its today's location (University semifloor).

The Library of University of Macedonia is a modern academic library which aims to offer essential educational and reference work, responding to the demands of a dynamically arising academic institute, such as the University of Macedonia.

With the University Senate's no. 13/28/6/01 decision, which approved its internal operation regulation, the Library continued its operation as Library and Information Service (L.I.S.), in the level of Management. With the article 16 of the regulatory law on University and Technological Sector in Higher Education, the LIS is renamed Library and Information Center. The Library and Information Center includes 7 organic Departments. Setting as its' prior objective to offer a range of services, ephasizing to the electronic and distant services, the Library and Information Centre of the University of Macedonia breaks down it's natural borders adopting the new technological evolutions and filling its' Departments with specialized staff.

University of Macedonia also supports the development and enrichment of the Library of the Experimental School.

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