Master in Economics

The objectives of the Interdepartmental Programme of Postgraduate Studies (I.P.P.S.) in Economics (Master in Economics) are:

1. To promote the knowledge in those particular fields.
2. To help the evolvement of research in relevant scientific fields.
3. To create new scientists capable of pursuing an academic career.
4. To fill all requirements of a postgraduate level programme for administration trainees in the private and public sector.
5. To offer specialized and high standard knowledge, which will lead to a more efficient and effective administration of human and economic resources.
6. To motivate administration executives and help them comprehend and confront the challenges of the international business environment.
7. To train executives capable of promoting the growth of Greek enterprises locally and abroad.
8. To train executives for public sector administration as well as for the administration of State dependant enterprises and services.

The aim of I.P.P.S. is to provide postgraduate students with these principles, knowledge and methods that will show them the way to life-long learning and to further development. Based on this .philosophy., teaching professors use various methods, as applied research, case studies, games, simulations, etc. It is made clear that in I.P.P.S. programmes quality is of primary importance. Therefore, quality and its continuous evolution must characterize the programmes of studies, and more specifically, the courses and their teaching methods, the relationships between teachers and postgraduate students, the cooperation within the Departments and the services of the University, the secretarial support and the collaboration on research projects and other events with private enterprises but also with organizations of the wider public sector.

The I.P.P.S., according to the law 2083/92, article 10, paragraph 3, can collaborate with relevant postgraduate programmes of recognized home and/or foreign Higher Education and Research Institutions, which are provided with sufficient scientific personnel and allocated with the necessary material and technical infrastructure. (The Special Interdepartmental Committee of each I.P.P.S. oughts to notify a priori the Senate for the possibility of such collaboration).

The I.P.P.S. welcomes graduates of home or recognized foreign Universities as well as graduates Technical Universities.

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