Master of Science in Applied Informatics

The Program of Postgraduate Study Specialization at the Department of Applied Informatics aims at the provision of postgraduate level education in the area of Information Technology. The graduates of PPSS, upon completion of the program, will have acquired powerful scientific background, experience and knowledge on how to engineer optimal solutions and develop high-end applications, in order to help organizations grow within today's highly competitive industrial environment.

The basic aims of the postgraduate program at the Department of Applied Informatics are the following:

Providing highly competitive technical skills to its graduates.
Providing knowledge pertaining to the latest developments in the area of Information Technology.
Teaching a synthetic and systematic approach as far as methodology and software development for the production of completed solutions, is concerned.
Teaching how to successfully manage, rearrange and help organizations grow within the recently established Digital Economy.
Empowering its graduates with the required qualifications for a successful career in the private, public or academic sector.
Preparing undergraduate students of high calibre for postgraduate study at the doctoral level.

For further information visit the website of the Graduate Program of the Department of Applied Informatics

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