MSc in Applied Informatics

Master of Science in Applied Informatics

The Postgraduate Program (MSc) of the Department of Applied Informatics of the University of Macedonia operated for the first time during the academic year 2003-2004 (Government Gazette 855 V.B’ / 30-6-2003) and it was funded by the Operational Program for Education and Initial Vocational Training  in partnership with the Departments of Business Administration and Electrical Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia. Since 2005-2006 it is a self-funded Program.

The Department of Applied Informatics of the School of Information Sciences of the University of Macedonia operates a reformed Postgraduate Program " MSc in Applied Informatics " since the academic year 2014-2015  (Government Gazette V.B’ 1408/3-6-2014).

Τhe program has been re-established in accordance with current legislation since the academic year 2018-2019,(Government Gazette V. B’ 2745 / 10-7-2018).



The Graduate Program of the Department of Applied Informatics offers an M.Sc. degree in Applied Informatics in one of the following Specializations:

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Business Computing

Specialization - Purpose

The M.Sc. in Applied Informatics offers high quality graduate level education in Informatics and equips its graduates with a strong background, experience and know-how for the adoption of best practices in applying computing knowledge to meeting society's needs in economics, management and education.

The main goals of the M.Sc. in Applied Informatics are to:

  •  provide high quality graduate level studies
  • offer state-of-the-art computing knowledge
  • combine systems, methodology and software in problem-solving
  • develop and manage processes for the management of the digital economy
  • train professionals and provide them with the necessary skills for a successful career in the private, public and academic sector.
  • prepare students for doctoral studies


Specifically, the objective of each specialization is:

 1. Computer Science and Technology

This specialization provides an advanced training cycle in technologies, methods and applications of contemporary computing systems and networks. Cognitive areas include:

  • state-of-the-art technologies of Network and Parallel Computing systems, from operating system to software (including web and mobile applications) and its systematic development, and
  • complex computational problem-solving using abstract models (mathematics, business research, data structures and algorithms) and their integration into advanced applications.

 2. Business Computing

This specialization is distinguished for its interdisciplinary character with a view to providing knowledge on Information Technologies and Information Systems as well as on issues related to Business and Financial Administration. It prepares students by providing the necessary computing skills for the successful development of entrepreneurship in digital contexts, which is based on technology and innovation with an emphasis on electronic/mobile business practices and social media. It combines the optimal technical, administrative and financial knowledge, shaping the identity of a contemporary executive, who responds to the needs of the digital age of businesses and public administration in Greece and abroad.

It goes without saying that all students of this postgraduate program undertake the responsibility to promote quality in any form of activity, pursue continuous improvement in teaching methods, and transfer new expertise to students in all scientific fields covered by the program.

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