Employment prospects

Academic / Professional Skills and Employment Prospects

Graduates of the Postgraduate Program in Applied Informatics are offered very good job prospects in the following professional activities:

  • Management, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Information Systems.
  • Teaching at University and Technological Educational Institutions, Secondary Education and Technical and Vocational Training, public and private, at Theoretical, Technological and Applied level.
  • Research in public and private Research Bodies.
  • Provision of services as well as Management of IT, Networks, Computer and Technical Services departments of Ministries, Public Organizations, services and businesses.

Specifically for the 2 specializations, all Academic / Professional Skills and Employment Prospects are listed below:

1st Specialization “Computer Science and Technology”

This specialization provides students with specialized knowledge in theoretical and practical IT issues. It is designed to cover a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, while providing an important theoretical background in scientific areas of active academic interest. As part of their studies, students will develop the skills to successfully design, develop and manage modern computing systems and applications, as well as to solve complex computing problems, with the ultimate goal of being active executives in high-tech companies in the field of Information Technology, while being able to identify new applications for modern methods and technologies. Obtaining the appropriate theoretical background is a necessary prerequisite for pursuing their academic career in research, including PhDs.

The specialization has been designed for students with knowledge in the disciplines of  Informatics and Science, wishing to enrich their knowledge and gain a broader view of the field of computer science and modern technologies.


2nd Specialization “Business Computing”

This specialization gives postgraduate students specialized knowledge in IT, Business Administration and Economics. The specialization prepares students by providing the necessary skills for successful business development based on technology and innovation while delivering the best combination of technical, administrative and financial knowledge, shaping the identity of a modern executive who responds to both public and business needs within Greece or abroad during the digital age. It has been designed for students with knowledge of Information Technology, Science and Economics / Management who wish to gain an integrated approach to the challenges of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for developing skills in the modern business environment through innovative technological tools and methods.

The Business Computing specialization aims at fostering analytical thinking and addressing current issues, both in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and digital entrepreneurship. Therefore, it has been designed as an integrated educational approach in order to:

 (a) combine modern issues which are usually taught individually (management information systems, digital marketing and social media, digital economics, financial accounting systems, ICT technologies, start-up business development, digital and electronic business innovation, digital and electronic business management, digital and online business, Web Data Analysis, Legal Issues in Informatics and Electronic Entrepreneurship, Process Simulation and Quality Control, Statistics and Data Analysis, Cost Accounting Systems, Financial Analysis and Management Systems, Computational Estimation Techniques),

(b) highlight opportunities and train participants in business IT applications in the modern digital environment,

(c) provide essential knowledge and skills that meet the growing demand for highly skilled graduates, able to understand the opportunities and challenges of emerging new information and communication technologies in economics and management.


Employment prospects

Upon completion of the Postgraduate Program, graduates can pursue their academic career as PhD candidates. They may work in the public or private sector, as well as in research and training institutes and/or set up their own businesses, for which highly specialized knowledge to understand the opportunities and challenges of emerging new information and communication technologies in economics and administration is extremely required.

In particular, graduates will be able to undertake professional responsibilities as:

  • Executives of businesses and organizations active in the field of ICT and other fields;
  • Executives in new or existing businesses and organizations that require business skills for the exploitation of ICT innovation, e-business and mobile digital marketing planning and management and social media;
  • Entrepreneurs who will set up their own innovative businesses; 
  • Consultants focused on ICT strategies and applications;
  • Project Managers for technology and service providers, seeking executives with strong entrepreneurial and ICT skills
  • Software Design and Development Executives (including web applications, and "smart" mobile applications, serious games) and software project mamangers;
  • System Design Executives with emphasis on networking, security and exploitation of modern distributed computing resources
  • Application developers who are focused on important industry issues, such as optimization applications, data analysis and knowledge mining, smart applications and simulation;
  • Executives in small or large software companies, companies providing computing services, but also in large organizations in any sector that utilizes modern technologies (e.g. health, industry, governance)


Indicative jobs titles: System & Network Architect, Systems Engineer, Software & Application Developer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, IT Developer, Consultant, Business Analyst, Information Systems Manager, IT Project Manager, e/mobile Business Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Business Developer.

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