Master in Business Administration

Welcome to the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program in Business Administration (Master in Business Administration, MBA) at the University of Macedonia. The ΜΒΑ program for recent graduates has been in operation since the academic year 1994-1995, while the corresponding program for Business Executives (Executive MBA) has been in operation since the academic year 1999-2000.

The MBA program is designed for both recent graduates with little or no work experience who aspire to competitively pursue positions in the sector of business and organizations, as well as business executives from the private or public sector with at least 25 months of work experience. The program aims to enhance their knowledge, strengthen their current positions, or transition to another position within the same or a different enterprise. This provides Greek businesses and organizations with the opportunity to acquire high-level managerial personnel.

The goal of the MBA program is to provide specialized postgraduate-level knowledge in the field of Business Administration to graduates from all departments of higher education. This enables them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of contemporary scientific management, prepare competent leaders capable of promoting the development of Greek private businesses and organizations, as well as public administration. The program evolves and enriches itself continuously, remaining fully informed and integrating new scientific theories and practices with the latest trends and needs of the economy, particularly within Greece.


Andreas Georgiou, Professor

Director of the MBA Program


Administration, Operation

The MBA program in Business Administration is governed by the Program Committee, consisting of faculty members from each department participating in the program.

In 2018, its restructuring was approved (New Curriculum).

The operation of the MBA program is governed by its Operational Regulations.

Academic Staff

The teaching staff of the MBA program in Business Administration consists of 25 instructors from the University of Macedonia and other universities. External speakers from universities and businesses are invited periodically for lectures and workshops on specialized topics.


The MBA program in Business Administration has two modern computer labs with a total of 53 workstations. The use of the computer lab is free for all postgraduate and doctoral candidates of the MBA program. Postgraduate students and doctoral candidates have the right to use computers and networks, the library, and other facilities and services of the University of Macedonia.



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