Master in Business Administration

The Interdepartmental Programme of Postgraduate Studies in Business Administration (Masters in Business Administration - MBA) was introduced during the academic year 1994-95. In this programme participate three Departments of the University of Macedonia:
the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting and Finance and finally the Department of Economics. The I.P.P.S. in Business Administration found favourable response not only from University's alumni but also from other Universities' graduates and from business executives.

The programme is in continuous evolution in order to keep up with the new scientific theories and practices, the new trends and needs of the Greek market. In the frame of the programme Operational Programme of Education and Initial Professional Training (O.P.E.I.P.T) titled "Reformation and Reinforcement of the Postgraduate Programme of Studies with the use of new technologies and innovative forms of teaching" the I.P.P.S. in MBA aims at the enhancement of its role in the competitive Greek Economy but at the same time at its establishment as the major Postgraduate Programme of Studies in the Balkans. The Postgraduate Programme aims to participate in the international economic developments firstly, by introducing to the programme of studies new and innovative learning methods in order to continuously improve and meet the requirements of the times and, secondly, by supplying the economy with executives capable of supporting the international competitiveness of enterprises.

The Programme's structure created the right conditions for the graduation of administrators ready to work in enterprises or to create their own enterprises. The objective of Programme was achieved by:
a) the import of innovative teaching methods, techniques and simulation in the courses of I.P.P.S.
b) the introduction of new courses that meet the needs of the times.

The Postgraduate Studies contribute to the creation of a bond between the University and the society by helping the University to keep up with the constant social changes. ?Postgraduate Studies are by definition related to the development of research of the academic staff. University without Postgraduate Studies cannot be considered completed.

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