Master in Health Care Management

Master in Health Care Management, MHM

Healthcare is a sector of the economy which internationally absorbs a great part of Gross Domestic Product. Nevertheless, due to the unfavorable situation of the country, it is more imperative than ever before that the administration staff, doctors, nurses, as well as other professionals in the field of administration, receive the appropriate specialization.

The Master’s program in “Health Care Management” aims at providing the appropriate expertise and competences which are necessary for all healthcare professionals and new graduates aspiring to be employed by the national health care system. The ultimate objective of the program is to develop students’ skills and competences which will contribute to an increase of efficiency and effectiveness of health services. 

The program is completed within three semesters whilst safeguarding the quality of studies and the extend of disciplines offered. Teaching work is provided by academic staff of the Department in collaboration with senior executives with a recognized professional career in the public and private healthcare system. Please, feel free to browse through our website to obtain more information about our Master’s program.

Vasileios Aletras


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