Master in International Business

Master in International Business

The Master’s program in International Business is designed for:

*Executives of outward-looking or potential outward-looking businesses who wish to acquire the scientific background and expertise for a successful undertaking of specialized duties in the international market.

*New graduates interested in becoming members of the workforce and follow a successful career in outward-looking manufacturing and commercial businesses with an international orientation.

Aims of the program:

  • The training of administrative executives capable of:
  1. pursuing a professional career in internationally active businesses, e.g. imports, exports and  production of goods/services in foreign countries;
  2. promoting the development of research and its practical application on the corresponding disciplines.
  • The training of top executives employed by outward-looking businesses in order for them to respond to the needs for expertise and specialized actions within the international context.

Giannis Chatzidimitriou

Professor, Coordinator of the Master’s Program

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