Payroll Department

The Payroll Office remunerates an average of 420 employees. It also remunerates an average of 50 employees falling within the category of temporary teaching staff.

It is responsible for:

  1. Arranging payments as defined by the legislation and the timely remuneration of the above staff to the Single Payment Authority.
  2. Depositing monthly payments for insurance contributions to all bodies (EAP, EFKA-IKA, EDOEAP).
  3. Issuing the payroll statements for the Teaching Staff PD 407/80, educational leaves, internship of Technological Institutes, LAEK programs, Compensation for the issuance of cash orders by the Accounting Office.
  4. Keeping annual records and monthly payroll records for each payroll.
  5. Issuing remuneration certificates and transferring the files to taxis.