Master in Public Management

Master in Public Management, MPM

We would like to welcome you in the Master’s program in Public Management, MPM which started its operation during the academic year 2015-2016. The program was designed with the aim of serving the long-standing needs of public administration executives. Those needs apply to specialized knowledge and expertise on specific issues of Public Administration and the requirements of an upgrade and modernization of the services provided. With the aid of information and techniques acquired by the Master’s program, graduates will be able to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of the organizations they are employed by.

Konstantinos Tarabanis, Professor

Coordinator of the Master’s Program

Aims of the program:

  • The specialization of graduates of Higher Education Institutes (AEI) and Higher Technological Educational Institutes (TEI), with a view to promoting knowledge in the discipline of Public Administration and the training of executives capable of: (a) promoting the quality upgrade of the services provided and the overall internal organization by contributing in the amelioration of organization, efficiency  and effectiveness of Public Sector; (b) contributing to research development and its practical implementation.
  • The training of Public Administration top executives on management issues, in order for them to effectively respond to their administrative tasks.
  • The core philosophy of the Master’s program is to provide students with solid foundations, knowledge, methods and principles that will enable them to continuously learn and develop themselves. Based on this philosophy, professors will make use of a variety of methods including applied research, case studies, business games, simulations etc.

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