Laboratory for Wind Ensembles (WELAB)

The wind ensemble of the Department of Music Science and Art

The wind ensemble in the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki with A. Zervas (conductor), 2018

The Jazz Ensemble in the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, 2018

 Laboratory for Wind Ensembles (WELAB)- Wind Ensemble of the Department of Music Science and Art

Established in 2016, the Laboratory for Wind Ensembles (WELAB) is the first laboratory of the Department of Music Science and Art under the coordination of Dr. Kostis Hassiotis, professor at the Department of Music Science and Art. Athanasios Zervas, Katrin-Annete Zenz, Anastasios Vassiliadis and Miltiadis Moumoulidis are also Research and Teaching Staff Members of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory supports the educational activities of the Department of Music Science and Art and it aims to research and promote a contemporary approach towards wind ensembles, to highlight the Greek and international repertoire of Greek ensembles (especially the unpublished), as well as to promote relevant  techniques for teaching, studying, directing, composing and performing. In the framework of its activities, the laboratory cooperates with composers, and art/research bodies, while every year it also organises many art and educational events (concerts, lectures, workshops etc.).The Wind Ensemble of the Department of Music Science and Art constitutes the core of the Laboratory’s performing actions. The Ensemble was created in spring 2013 and is composed of active students of the Department, graduates, music students of Thessaloniki and virtuoso soloists. The Jazz Ensemble as well as smaller chamber music ensembles are also part of the Laboratory.

The repertoire of the Wind Ensemble of the Department of Music Science and Art includes works specially composed or adapted for wind ensembles from the Greek or international art music composing (éntekhno) from different historical periods and styles. As part of its activities, the Ensemble recorded and performed the “Ancient Greek March” by Nikos Skalkottas and many more works of Greek composers (in first international performance), while it regularly highlights significant forgotten works of the original Greek and international repertoire.

The research activity of the Laboratory is supported by dissertations and doctoral theses of the Department’s students and Research/ Teaching Staff members.

Administrative Documents


 “Wind Ensembles:historical retrospect, journey, and transition in times of pandemic”. Thessaloniki, 25-27 June 2021

  The Wind Ensemble Laboratory (PN.O.E.S.) of the Department of Music Science and Art, University of Macedonia, in collaboration with the “Hellenic Philharmonic Society” and the “Friends of Nikos Astrinidis Association” are organizing the 6th International Conference of Hellenic Symphonic Bands titled “Wind Ensembles: historical retrospect, journey and transition in times of pandemic” in the city of Thessaloniki, between 25 and 27 of June 2021.

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